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The Best Canadian Cities for Urban Adventures

Urban exploring has been one of the top topics in recent months as people get back into traveling and want to change how they’ve always approached this hobby. Thankfully, there are countless incredible cities to explore within Canada, each of which offers its own fantastic version of fun.

These are the top Canadian cities to visit for urban adventures! 

1. Toronto

Toronto, as the largest city in the country, gets to have its own claim to fame when it comes to urban adventuring. Here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, get in touch with your creative side, and learn some history while you’re at it. This is known as the city with more artists per capita than anywhere else in the nation, and Toronto continues to offer a walk on the wild side for anyone who wants it.

With more cultures and languages celebrated here than anywhere else in the world, this is an awesome place to enjoy some urban adventuring soon.

2. Vancouver

Although this is the most expensive city in the county, don’t let that talk you out of enjoying all it has to offer. From beautiful ocean and mountainside views to countless incredible businesses, beautiful walking trails and parks, and so much more.  

Vancouver is an urban explorer’s dream come true and changes the game for anyone who wants to enjoy fun and excitement while staying within city limits. Despite the high price, it’s worth it because of how much there is to do and see here. 

3. Calgary

Calgary may be an outlier on this list due to its sprawling nature and more conservative population, but it’s still an incredible choice. This is a city built up from the history of cowboys and fuel, and it continues to be a hotspot for anyone who wants a taste of the old west without having to get on a horse.  

Calgary homes for sale remain some of the most affordable in the nation, which is a relief to anyone who has been aching for less expensive living.  

4. Quebec

This often-overlooked gem is one of the best parts of urban adventuring within Canada. Although the culture can feel entirely different due to French being the primary language here, it’s nothing like anything you’ve ever seen. From the incredible buildings and beautiful architecture to the endless underground clubs, beautiful street art, pop-up events, and so much more: it’s easy to fall in love with Quebec.  

Don’t let language be a barrier! English is still spoken very commonly here, which means you don’t have to stress about knowing French to explore or have fun! 

5. Edmonton

This is another gem that’s ignored unless you’re talking about jobs and affordable living. Edmonton is best known for its artsy and left-leaning culture, that’s created an incredible underground scene and continues to inspire artists and newcomers. If you’re looking for adventure, you won’t find it better anywhere else.

This is also the best place to find food on this list!  

There’s Nothing Like Fun

Consider making the vacation of a lifetime, and check out some of these cities! You’ll never find better urban adventuring! 

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