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Packing and Moving Without Stress

Settling into a new home can breathe new life into your at-home experience. However, the process of moving can be arduous and time consuming. Wildcat Movers has provided a short infographic explaining to readers that in order to make the most out of your upcoming move, there are steps you need to follow.

For starters, you should organize the belongings you plan on bringing with you to the new house. It is recommended to pack up each room individually; this way you can easily pick out which boxes need to go where so that you save time and confusion.

Another piece of advice is to use different colors of packing tape when taping up boxes. For example, red-taped boxes go in the bedroom while blue-taped boxes go in the bathroom, and so on. Have plenty of packing tape on hand, no matter what organizational method you decide on.

Moving clothes, especially bulky items like coats, can be stressful. To minimize space taken up, movers can vacuum seal the clothes in storage bags, as well as other cumbersome items such as bedsheets and comforters. Moreover, you can always donate your unwanted clothes to clear space and do a good deed as well.

One final tip is to overestimate the time and effort it takes to do a task. Give yourself plenty of time to avoid a rushed, frantic experience. Also, stay locked and loaded with anything you may need along the way, like tape and spare moving boxes. Don’t make unnecessary trips to the store and waste time.

For more moving tips like these, please see the provided guide.

Guide created by Wildcat Movers, a leader in Dallas movers

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