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How to Repair a Flat Roof in Brockton (Emergency Repair Guide)

Dealing with a flat leaky roof in Brockton can be frustrating, not to mention if something isn’t done quickly, a leaky roof can be detrimental to your property’s overall integrity and value. While all roof leaks are problematic, a leak in a flat roof is particularly complicated. Flat roof repair can range from simple to complex, and some may even need a total reconstruction that involves complicated roof insurance claims and an experienced roofing contractor. 

How To Tell You Need Your Brockton Roof Repaired

If you live in Brockton, you know that the flat roofs here have a limited lifespan. The hot sun breaks down the materials that keep your roof protected and sound. Over time, water pooling on your roof can cause extensive damage to your roofing material, leading to leaks and other problems. If you notice signs for emergency roof repair Brockton MA, we’re the team for the job.

Here are some signs that indicate you need flat roof repair:

  • Repeated large tears, cracks, or rips in the roof or seams
  • Blistering and bubbling from adhesion failure
  • The presence of moisture and leaks inside the building
  • The pulling away of flashing from the corners of the roof
  • The presence of lichen, mold, moss, and/or algae

How To Fix a Leaking Flat Roof 

You may be in an emergency situation where you need to make a repair until you can afford to fix your roof, and if this is the case, below is the quickest way to fix a flat roof leak. 

  • Find The leak

Look for the source of the leak inside your home. The water may have run along your roof through the leak and pooled in a different spot. However, this is not always the case with a flat roof. 

  • Get On The Roof

If you’re looking for a leak in your roof, it’s important to be careful. First, take note of the measurements you made from the interior and look for damage on the roof. If no damage is apparent in your measurements, look for any damage near any flashing or vents on the roof. If you have to use a ladder to access the roof, make sure it is securely positioned on the ground. If your roof is too high or you feel unsafe, or if you simply cannot find the leak, you may need to call a specialist.

  • Remove Any Debris

Remove any debris that’s on the roof which may obstruct your work. Carefully remove any foreign objects from the area near the roof leak before starting work. You’ll also be able to determine if your roof is damaged by a storm or if it’s time for a new roof. 

  • Dry The Area

Make sure the area you’ll be working on is dry before you begin. If you attempt to repair a hole that’s wet, you’ll trap moisture under your patch, which will cause mold to grow. 

  • Identify The Damage

First, look for any blisters on your roof, which can indicate that water or air has seeped between the different layers of your roof. You will also want to check for cracks or alligatoring, which usually indicates long-term sun damage. The type of damage you have will determine which repair method is most appropriate. In cases of severe damage, it’s best to call a professional.

  • Cut Out The Damaged Area

If the roof leak is due to a blister, cut through the damaged membrane and remove any moisture that’s present. You’ll need to cut away all damaged layers of your roof membrane but be careful not to damage the roofing felt underneath. 

  • Apply Roofing cement

When you’re fixing a leak, it’s important to peel back the layers of the membrane you cut and apply roofing cement to the leak and to the entire section of the roof underneath the membranes you cut away. This will plug it and will also provide an adhesive for the flaps of the membrane to stick to. Press the membrane flaps to the cement to reseal the cut.

  • Nail Down The Blister Flaps

When you’re laying down the flaps of your blister, make sure to nail them directly to the roof. This will ensure they stay in place and seal up any leaks that may have occurred. To ensure that you don’t accidentally nail any wires or other sensitive infrastructure, be sure to cover up any nails with more roofing cement once they’re finished.

Cost of Repairing A Flat Roof 

A typical repair job for a standard-sized 100-foot by 50-foot flat roof might cost between $3,500 and $10,000 depending on the quality of materials and labor costs in your area (for example labor rates can vary greatly depending on whether the contractor is licensed). If you need to replace all four sides instead of just one side, then add another $1,000 or so to this total cost estimate based on what your local contractors charge for this service in your area.

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