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How Much Does Leveling a House Cost? (Pricing Guide)

When homeowners hear terms like “house leveling” and “foundation repairs,” they usually imagine they’ll soon be out of a lot of money. Fortunately, foundation repairs and house leveling are typically less expensive than customers expect.

Homeowners require foundation repair services for the same reason they require roof repair services. Trying to level a house on your own is never a good idea. Building a house is not the same as putting up shelves or painting a wall. Having a working knowledge of the fundamentals of house leveling is still a smart idea. You probably wonder what it means to level a house at this point in the conversation. Here’s a quick rundown of what it takes to level a house.

This information is provided by our foundation repair company, Topeka Foundation Repair & Waterproofing.

What Is House Leveling?

House leveling is the process of returning a house to its original location. New home slabs should be at most 1.5 inches out of level. The American Concrete Institute created this standard. When a house shifts, the goal of leveling is to restore it to its original position. Minor changes in foundation elevations are unimportant to the vast majority of property owners.


Every house is built on a foundation, which can sink, settle, crack, or heave over time for various reasons. Soil issues, excessive humidity, or a foundation not built properly from the start are all frequent factors that necessitate foundation repair services.

House leveling, also known as foundation repair, is one of the most important repairs a homeowner will ever need. The foundation of a house must be properly developed and erected. No matter how slight, any issue can cause damage and depreciation to your home.

How Much Does It Cost to Level up a House? 

Numerous things must be considered when evaluating the cost of raising a house. Common reasons for pursuing this project include the following:

  • Raising it above the flood zone.
  • Constructing a basement.
  • Preventing it from settling in bad soil conditions.

As you might expect, this is a vast and costly project. The cost to have your house leveled varies depending on some of these factors; the size of your home, the labor cost, the elevation height required, the structure’s conditions, excavation costs, government policies and many more. Having a sound knowledge of the expenses involved in foundation repairs can make homeowners more prepared to make decisions.

How Long Does It Take to Level a House?

Raising a home typically takes a few weeks to two months, depending on the required work. This time frame includes everything from prep work to any work you’ll do after the house is lifted. Some of the factors that influence how long it takes to get a house leveled are highlighted below:

  • The extent of your slab or pier and beam foundation’s damage
  • The foundation size needs to be repaired: it will take much less time to repair an 800-square-foot house than it will take to restore a 3,500-square-foot foundation.
  • The total number of foundation piers required.
  • The type of piers installed- pressed concrete pilings, for example, take less time to install than drilled piers, which require pouring concrete and then allowing it to dry.
  • Whether you’re putting in the interior or exterior piers, interior foundation pier installation necessitates breaking the floor to insert the pier and then patching the hole. As a result, installing interior foundation piers takes longer to restore the foundation.

How Much Does It Cost to Jack Up and Level a House?

The cost of replacing a foundation due to structural failure or unmanageable repairs is determined by the type of foundation selected. The foundation you select is critical, especially if you are experiencing failure. Rebuilding of the same type will almost certainly result in similar issues. Get an expert analysis of the cause of your damage to determine the best course of action. It must be leveled when a house’s structural integrity is deteriorating due to sloping and sinking. If you level it off too long, your repairs will become more complicated and expensive. Findings show that the cost of lifting a house and replacing the foundation is between $25,000 and $100,000.

How Do You Tell if a House Needs to Be Leveled? 

There are signs that your house may be exhibiting that indicate you may have a few distinct leveling concerns indicative of foundation problems! Movement in the foundation can affect the entire house and must be addressed immediately.

  • Listed are a few key points to keep in mind:
  • Cracks in your walls or ceilings indicate the need for foundation and house leveling repairs.
  • Cracks on the exterior of your property, particularly on the bricks or stonework that make up most of the exterior walls.
  • Your doors are stuck and will not close or open properly.
  • Your floors appear saggy or dipped. They may even feel softer than usual.
  • When viewed from the outside, your house appears uneven, indicating the need for foundation repair.


The first step in any home repair project is to educate oneself. Consult with friends who have had similar work done on their homes. Read what the professionals have to say about home leveling. This article makes it clear that the cost of elevating a house is determined by various criteria, such as the size of your home, labor costs, the state of the house, and so on. Home Advisor says the average cost of raising a house ranges between $3,176 and $10,094. The national average is $6,628, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Less extensive projects may cost around $900, while more extensive ones may cost up to $2,000. 

Homeowners can save money on foundation repairs by identifying warning signals early and addressing any issues. Educate yourself and repair your foundation before you require extensive repairs or foundation leveling.

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