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7 Signs You Need Foundation Crack Repair in Bloomington, IN

Sometimes when something is beginning to fall apart, people will say that “the cracks are beginning to show.” This can make it pretty scary to find cracks beginning to form in your own home. However, the good news is that cracks in your foundation do not necessarily mean that your house is falling apart. Though foundation issues can be serious and should be addressed by a professional foundation repair company, foundation crack repair in Bloomington is an affordable and relatively simple process. Here’s how to tell if it’s necessary for you and your home.

Large Cracks

The first sign that foundation crack repair in Bloomington is needed is the size of the cracks themselves. Cracks that are smaller than the thickness of a dime (about ⅛ of an inch) may not be an indication of a serious foundation problem, but rather a result of settling. Settling is when a house sinks down into the soil around the foundation. Small amounts of settling, especially around the change of the seasons, are normal. However, larger cracks should be addressed by a professional foundation company right away.

Unusual Humidity

Basement foundations are surrounded by soil, which will contain varying levels of groundwater based on your geographical location and the water table in your area. Rainfall also impacts the amount of groundwater in the soil at any given time. Cracks or damage in your basement foundation can allow air in from around your basement. When the ground is saturated, the air underground will contain a lot of moisture, which can make your basement uncomfortably humid. If it feels a bit sticky in the basement or your dehumidifier is collecting more water than usual, it’s likely time to call someone here for crack repair or if very severe, basement waterproofing in Bloomington

Musty Odor 

When humidity levels change, becoming more humid and then drying out again only for the humidity to go up again the next day, there’s a lot of moisture settling and evaporating rapidly. This can lead to mold growth, especially in damp spots or spots that you don’t check very often. Mold releases spores as it grows, which are harmful to breathe in and can make children, pets, and the elderly very sick. 

Mold spores are the cause of that musty odor that’s common in damp basements. Many homeowners dismiss it as “how a basement smells” but it’s an indication that too much humidity is getting in, potentially through cracks in the foundation.

Bugs Getting Through Foundation Cracks

Have you noticed any multi-legged critters crawling around your basement or through the rest of your house lately? If the cracks in your foundation are large enough to fit a dime through, they’re large enough for bugs to get through as well. Unfortunately, once the bugs make it in and figure out that your home is a warm and safe place to live, they may decide to lay their eggs there as well, and before you know it you have a whole infestation on your hands. Having foundation crack repair in Bloomington done before the bugs start getting in can save you the trouble of having to call an exterminator on top of fixing the foundation. 

Multiple Small Cracks

Just because a crack is small doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fixed, especially if there are multiple small cracks in the same area of the wall or ceiling. Multiple small cracks don’t necessarily indicate a larger problem, but if you spot them in conjunction with other signs of foundation damage, it’s worth calling for an inspection. However, it is possible to seal off minor cracks in concrete foundations and prevent moisture damage and infestations until more extensive repairs can be done.

How Are Foundation Cracks Sealed?

When you hire a repair company to seal the cracks in your foundation, they will first grind down the rough parts of the concrete surrounding the crack. Once the surface is smooth, the foundation company will fill the cracks with an epoxy mixture that expands to seal off the crack. This method should prevent moisture from entering your home, along with pests and humid air. 

How Much Does Bloomington Foundation Crack Repair Cost?

Especially when compared to the cost of a full piering foundation repair, foundation crack repair is one of the most cost-effective foundation repair services. On average, crack repair costs a homeowner around $500. 

Other forms of foundation repair can come at a significant expense to homeowners. Slabjacking is a repair method for concrete slab foundations that have become uneven due to sinking down on one side, and it can cost $1500-$2000. Steel piering, on the other hand, can run up to $10,000 depending on how many piers are used. Repairing cracks as soon as possible when you notice them may help to prevent further damage, saving you money on repairs in the long run.

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